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 Corporate Collections

The Allied Chemical Bank of America, New York, USA

Arthur Anderson Associates, Toronto, ON
The Bank of America Collection, Toronto, ON
The Bank of Montreal, Toronto, ON
The Banff Centre, Banff, AB
British Airways, Toronto ON
The British Columbia Art Collection. Vancouver, BC
Alex Chapman Design. Toronto, ON
Clarkson-Gordon Chartered Accountants. Toronto, ON
Education Associates, Toronto, ON
Goodman and Goodman, Chartered Accountants. Toronto, ON
Brian Gluckstien Design Interiors. Toronto, ON
Guaranty Trust Co. Toronto, ON
IBM Co. Toronto, ON
Imperial Oil Co. Toronto, ON
RGA International
Ron Linden. Barristers and Solicitors. Toronto, ON 
Midland-Doherty Ltd. Toronto, ON
Mohawk College, Hamilton, ON
NASCO International, Toronto, ON
NORCAN Ltd. Toronto, ON
NOVA Corporation, Calgary.
Organon Canada Ltd. Toronto. ON
The Alice Peck Gallery, Burlington, ON
Peat, Marwick, Thorne Chartered Accountants, Toronto, ON
Pfizer Corporation, Montreal, QC
Powell & Bonnell, Toronto, ON
P.P.L. Marketing Ltd. Mississauga, ON
Hi-Bred Pioneer, Chatham, ON
The Randolf Group, Management Consultants Inc. Toronto, ON
The Royal Ontario Museum, Far East Asian , ON
Semi tech Micro-Electronics Corp. Markham ON
Sony of Canada, Toronto, ON
Somers, Kronis, Rotztain, Barr and Solicitors, Toronto, ON
Spectrum Mutual Funds, Toronto, ON
Sun Life Assurance Co. Toronto, ON
The Terrace Corporation, AB
Thompson-Lightstone Company Co. Ltd. Toronto, ON
Toronto-Dominion Bank Collection, Toronto, ON
Toronto Sun Corporation, Toronto, ON
Dr. J. Youster & Assoc. Montreal, QC

For a complete curriculum vitae  including over 30 corporate, and public collections-kindly contact the artist:

Shows & Exhibitions: 


Espace Galerie, Montreal, QC, soloSolo show,


Asian Heritage, University of Toronto Library, group

Espace Galerie, Montreal, duo

Maison de la Culture de Lachine, “Enchevêtrements      

   naturels.” exposition de trois artists​, Montreal, group


SLICE, PARCELLES DE VIE, Espace gallerie, Montreal, ​group

ReflectionAsian Canadian Women, Montreal, group

ArtistsMusée du Québec Maîtres et Artisans, Quebec, group 

ESPACE Galerie, Montreal, solo 

Artsu Matsuri, Gendai Gallery, Toronto, group 

Images de Femmes, bibliothèque de Mile End, Montreal, group   

Reflections on Rebirth for Japan Post 3/11, Prince  

Takamado GalleryCanadian Embassy, Tokyo, group 


RECTO/VERSO, Galerie Bene Note, Montreal, solo    

RECTO/ VERSO, Studio show, Montreal, solo
Espace Galerie, Montreal, solo show
Artsu Matsuri, 
Gendai Gallery, Toronto, group 


Gendai Gallery, Toronto, group
Studio 5141, Montreal, Solo show

Jacobs Lounge Visual Arts Space, Miles Nadal, JCC, Toronto group


Washi Bannières et toiles, Studios Lyne St-Roch, Montreal, solo

Touching Enlightenment, installation peinture / ikebana, Montreal, solo 



World Washi Summit, Montreal, solo
Collective Visions, McClure Gallery, Westmount, solo

Burnaby Art Gallery, Burnaby, group


Art View 2007, City Museum, Washington

Gendai Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, group   show


Gallerie GÄNSHEIDE, Stuttgart, group show

Gendai Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto, group  

Ecomusée de Montreal, Montreal, group show & auction
Collective Visions, McClure Gallery,  
Westmount, group

Art View 2006, City Museum, Washington, group



Installation Ikebana & Washi with Madame Watanabe,

   Sensei, Shambhala Meditation Centre of Montreal
East West Landscape, Stewart Hall, Point Claire, group

Art View  2005, City Museum, Washington, group

Ecomusée de Montreal, Montreal, group show & auction




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