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Press and Publications

Heather Midori Yamada, White Enso (Inspired by Japan), Issue 5, Summer 2022, p. 26-27.

A collection of writing and visual art edited by Linda Gould.


Linda Rogers, Mother, the Verb, Swan Sister Treasure Book, Friesen Press,  Altona, Manitoba, 2022.

Mother, the Verb is a collection of work by established and aspirant, mostly women, artists, including Heather Midori Yamada.


Art Mind Drawing Ability (course brochure in Japanese), Japan Education of Art Association, 2021.



"Edge" group show video tour at Gage Gallery, Victoria BC - January 2020 (video by Exhibit-V) - 2:21

"Found" exhibition artist walk-around at Gage Gallery, Victoria BC - November 2019 (video by Exhibit-V) - 20:59

Artist talk at JCCC Gallery, TO - August 24, 2017

(video by Yosh Inouye) - 17:41

Shambhala art demonstration and talk at Ottawa Shambhala Centre, 2012

​Kate Cino, "Heather Midori Yamada presents Found - October 29-November 13, 2019 at the Gage Gallery Arts Collective", Art Openings, 2019.


"​Artist looks to the vitality of nature and Buddhism to create abstract works", CHEK News, September 1, 2018. 


Kate Cino, "​Heather Midori Yamada presents ORB - a solo show at the Gage Gallery Aug 28 - Sept 8 2018", Art Openings - Promotes Creative People & Places Blog, 2018. 

Kate Cino, "Heather Midori Yamada, Oct 10-Oct 28, 2017 at Gage Gallery Arts Collective", Art Openings - Promotes Creative People & Places Blog, 2017. 

Robert Amos, "Heather Midori Yamada dances with paper, colour and brush strokes in an abstract world", Robert Amos: Awash in creativity series, Times Colonist (online edition), October 22, 2017.

Click on image to view as pdf

John Ota, "Banners: Hoyano and Yamada at the JCCC Gallery", Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre Newsletter, Vol. 43, Issue 9, October 2017, p. 7.

Click on image to view as pdf

Bryce Kanbara, Looking for Banners to Rise: Warren Hoyano and Heather Midori Yamada, pamphlet, 6 pages, 2017

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