Solo Show

Gage Gallery

June 2020

...90 days of isolation has brought us to the " Brink"


A show of mixed media paintings exploring the clash of natural movements, wind, water and impending chaos...

Interview with Heather by Efren Quiroz, Exhibit-V

Works in the Exhibition

From Silence IV, 2020
Rondal II, 2020
Sea Squared V, 2020

(Collection of J Tobo)

Sea Squared II, 2020
Rondal I, 2020
Sea Squared III, 2020
Rondal III, 2020
Pool Version 1, 2020
From Silence II, 2020

(Collection of M and B Hazel)

Sea Squared IV, 2020
From Silence I, 2020
Sea Squared I, 2020
From Silence III, 2020
Rondal IV, 2020