Solo Show

Gage Gallery

June 2020

...90 days of isolation has brought us to the " Brink"


A show of mixed media paintings exploring the clash of natural movements, wind, water and impending chaos...

Interview with Heather by Efren Quiroz, Exhibit-V

Works in the Exhibition

From Silence IV, 2020
Rondal II, 2020
Sea Squared V, 2020

(Collection of J Tobo)

Sea Squared II, 2020
Rondal I, 2020
Sea Squared III, 2020

Collection of Ms. E. Noble, Victoria, BC

Rondal III, 2020

Collection of Ms. J. Streader, Victoria, BC

From Silence II, 2020

Collection of M and B Hazel, Victoria, BC

Sea Squared IV, 2020
From Silence I, 2020
Sea Squared I, 2020
From Silence III, 2020
Rondal IV, 2020