Contemplative Practices


Stay tuned for upcoming workshops and classes in Victoria and beyond.

Get On Board - Finding Stillness in Movement 
Heather offers yoga-based stability, strength and balance for SUP (Stand Up Paddlers). For the exercises the boards are tied together or docked on shallow water but YES, we are on the ocean!
Location: Oak Bay Marina, Victoria, BC 
Calm Abiding - Weekly Meditation Open House 
Heather and John offer a three-class introductory instruction. Safely socially distanced for sitting/walking meditation and weekly talks.
Location: Upper Meditation Hall, Victoria Shambhala Meditation Centre, 2033 Belmont Av, Victoria, BC.
Ikebana - Japanese floral arrangement practice 
Heather offers weekly Ikebana team practice, preceded by 15 minutes of sitting meditation. One on one mentoring now possible during the weekly set-up. This will prepare people for participation in small group workshops offered in early 2021. Sogetsu, Ohara and Kalapa curricula will be presented.

Location: Victoria Shambhala Meditation Centre 2033 Belmont Av, Victoria, BC


Art Classes


Exploring fluidity and spontaneity using the following techniques:  

​Simple Brush - Japanese calligraphy & painting
Watercolour Plus - Western & Asian style
Mixed Media - Japanese Washi paper collage, acrylic & canvas
Workshops: Ongoing private and small groups


Classes are given in Montréal at the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts and The Longhaul Collective; in Toronto at The Japanese Paper Place: The Warehouse; in Kingston at ArtNoise; and in Victoria at Studio 824 Johnson Street.


See Upcoming Events for future classes.  


​Creativity Retreats

Summer workshop are offered in two beautiful natural locations: Auberge La Mara, Ham Sud, Québec; and Eymet, France.

Include : creativity workshops in painting, outdoor sketching, drawing, mixed media Japanese washi paper collage and more; and twice daily guided meditation and all-level hatha yoga, (restorative) or optional walking. 


See Upcoming Events.


Workshops in Japanese floral arrangement. Private classes by Master Sogetsu teacher Seibi Watanabe and senior Buddhist and ikebana teacher Stéphane Bédard.


See Upcoming Events for future classes.

Yoga & Meditation

Private classes, private one on one, yoga à deux on demand.

Hatha yoga certified teacher.

Presence practice with emphasis on restoratives, relaxation, re-building , breathwork, supported and adapted yoga asanas (postures)
Guided Meditation