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Contemplative Approaches to Spontaneous Brush Workshop Series

April 20 or April 30, 2022

"Finding our Ground"

Relax mind and body and increase your receptivity towards new methods and materials with short guided meditations.  Follow demonstrations for strengthening skills and experiencing innate energies fueling experimentation using Japanese washi papers, sumi and watercolours.

More info below...

Dates: Two separate dates, Wednesday, April 20 or Saturday April 30, 2022

Time: 10 am-4pm daily

(half hour lunch break, bring your own snacks, lunch and thermos)


Location: Heather's studio, Annex Building of the St Matthais Church, 600 Richmond at the corner of Richardson, Victoria, BC

(Parking is abundant and there are a few steps entering the building.)


Contact: Heather 514-917-5260 

Registration & Payment: in advance at least 3 days before the workshop date (see details below).

*Vaccine proof required


Workshop Fee

Full Day

$125 + $40 materials fee* = $165CAD

Morning Only

Note: Spaces are limited and preference is given to those taking full day workshop.

$95 + $30 materials fee* = $125CAD

Payment via e-transfer (, or by cheque made out to HM Yamada and sent to HM Yamada 1148 Goodwin Suite #101, Victoria BC V8S 5H2


* Materials provided include Japanese washi papers, Arches watercolour paper, high quality Japanese sumi, watercolours, newsprint, foil, paper towels, gel medium, etc.


IMPORTANT: Cancellation for medical or personal emergencies only please, minus15% workshop fee

**Vaccine proof is required and masking until you are at your table. Social distancing observed. Doors will be kept open at times during the workshop to ensure circulation of air.


Participants MUST bring:

  • brushes including: pre-soaked Japanese calligraphy style round, #6 round, and flat wash brush

  • white (must be white) plastic shower curtain (dollar store) cut in two

  • apron

  • sweater (it can get cold)

  • additional watercolour tubes of choice

  • acrylic paints of choice

  • 5-6 glass or plastic covered containers (approx. 4-6 oz.) with lids that seal for liquids


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